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For those of you who feel overwhelmed and dissatisfied by the time and procrastination demons (which is, uh, like all of us), this workshop digs deep into the mental mindset of why we procrastinate and how to slay these demons for good. 

What this session is not – Run of the mill tactics and another set of standard productivity tools to add to your crusty collection of tools that didn’t work for you in the past (although, armed with this new-found knowledge of how you’re wired, some of these tools can potentially become your biggest allies in productivity).

Learn how to stay focused, happy, and get sh*% done despite the constant onslaught of crazy problems and overwhelming workload in your entrepreneurial life.

Burt Campbell Bio:


Burt studies the art and science of persuasion to influence the behaviour of people. With his passion for psychology, marketing, helping others, and his personal quest to understand human behaviour (in particular, what gets people to take action), Burt began his coaching career. Now he focuses specifically in the areas of charisma, social dynamics, productivity and marketing (both online and offline). 

Burt is currently a business marketing and productivity coach to entrepreneurial clients at the International Coach Certification Academy (ICCA http://www.coachcertificationacademy.com/Board.php) along with a certified Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO), Google AdWords and Facebook Ads specialist.