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The Lowdown On Digital Currencies

Bitcoin snags the majority of financial headlines today, but have you heard of players like Litecoin, Ripple, Peercoin, or any of the other 17 or so* cryptocurrencies active around the world?  (*According to Bitcoin.)

In our upcoming Meetup, we’ll dive into the world of cryptocurriences to discuss how they work and what makes each of them unique.  (With a healthy dose of opinion on which is the best and why no doubt.)  If time and audience permits, we’ll also plan to discuss the acceptance side of the equation…including what barriers need to be removed before digital currencies can truly become ubiquitous.

Sound interesting?  Then come out and share some knowledge, or just soak in all the crypto goodness you can handle.

All YYC Payments Meetups are free to attend but please register so we can plan accordingly, and make sure to show our Accelerator YYC peeps some love by tweeting @AcceleratorYYC!

Wed, Nov 19, 5 tp 8 pm, FREE