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HackYYC is an Enterprise Hackathon that creates real innovative solutions for some of the biggest companies and charities in Calgary. 

Enterprise Hackathons have guaranteed cash prizes of up to $50,000.

This means what participants build will be used by real people and customers, with support and backing along the way.

Having mentors around was THE best idea of the entire event! It really helped my team explore the many possibilities of the project we were working on.

Making us see the issue from a more commercialization, and marketability angle rather than just solving the core engineering problems of the project.
— Participant from HackYYC Jan 2014

HackYYC Overview

...HackYYC surpassed our expectations...
— Chris, President of Critical Mass

Established companies have established customers, deep talent pools and processes to make sure their clients get the best.

Startups & entrepreneurs are agile, innovative risk takers who want to get their ideas out to the world.

What would happen if we brought these 2 worlds together?

AcceleratorYYC is proud to launch HackYYC. Unlike many traditional hackathons, this event will focus on problems that need the speed and agility of startup innovation, but solve an interesting problem with real customers/clients in mind.

Every solution and every idea goes towards winning a life changing contract worth up to $50,000 (this is not in kind, or services, this is real money for real innovation).  This ensures that the most innovative ideas get across the finish line and into peoples hands!

Typically HackYYC weekends starts Friday night and goes right until Sunday night at AcceleratorYYC.  We have desks, break out room, boardroom, bean bag chairs, stocked kitchen, food, free beer courtesy of Molson and free Red Bull.

We are looking for Hackers, Hustlers and Hipsters (programmers, business development & designers)... Essentially we want creative entrepreneurs!

This is a tremendous opportunity to be connected to the heart of business growth and make lasting connections.

Our reach is over 10,000 but our focus is on providing quality programs that support startups to put their plans into action.
— Hannah Cree, Director of AcceleratorYYC
As a newcomer to the Calgary tech community, I learned invaluable information at HackYYC both about the fundamentals of creating a startup, as well as the critical importance of ensuring an idea has commercial viability.

Not to mention I had fun and met some great people!
— Participant, HackYYC Jan 2014
There was never any doubt that there was creative technical talent in the Calgary market. We were impressed by what the teams delivered and look forward to engaging the community more.
— Chris Gokiert, President of Critical Mass