What is the goal of Preflight?

Our goal with Preflight is to help you start experimenting around your idea so you have initial validation to make a real commitment to building your startup. With a first prototype built, a business model, real customer/user feedback, and a team in hand, you can start making your next moves. You could apply to the Flightpath Accelerator or another program somewhere in the world.

What would I gain from Preflight that I couldn't just find online?

Founders today have all sorts of access to materials, videos, and resources that provide information about how to build a startup. In fact, we use some of these materials as the foundation for Preflight (business model canvas, lean startup canvas, customer development process, etc). Preflight focuses on helping you understand how to use these tools and put it all into practice. The best part about Preflight isn't the materials - it's the hands-on experience working alongside other founders and mentors.

Who can participate in Preflight?

Participants in Preflight are entrepreneurs, developers, designers, and creators who are working on the earliest stages of a product/startup idea. The majority of Preflight participants are working on a tech-related product/startup idea across industries like consumer retail, fashion, health, education or B2B.

Do I have to have something built before Preflight?

We'll want you committed to one idea to work through during Preflight. Most participants will have done some work already on their product/startup idea before Preflight. This can be something as simple as early design mockups, rough pitch presentations, working prototypes or a simple written executive summary about your product/startup idea.

What is the expected time commitment for Preflight?

Participants are expected to be working on their startup and product prototypes, and work on customer development (i.e. talking to customers, partners, and channel partners) over the term of Preflight. Outcomes will be different depending on the product being development. We expect that you will make the commitment outside of sessions to work on your startup and product, and complete assignments, so you can take the next major step when the program is complete.

Who are the mentors?

Lead Mentors are entrepreneurs and investors who will lead sessions each week along with meeting with Preflight participants to offer advice, feedback and help get the data needed as build and test your business model. Visiting Mentors are mentors you'll meet with one-on-one, either in person or remote to talk about your startup/product. You will need to arrange your schedule for mentors (not the other way around).  View the list here.