The program modules will begin each year in September and are set up to be taken in sequence focused on the quality of the learning experience.  Students can select the modules, "a la carte" , where they can select to take different modules based on what they would like to learn. 

LAUNCH, the two-day program, will be the intro course to feed into the programs and it can be held throughout the year in different locations.

The Flight Simulator modules are set up to flexible in nature to compliment other programs and can be held in a variety of ways.  Part-time (evenings/weekends) or full-time (held over 1 week) or be taught in a classroom environment over a period of a year. 

The Pilot Certification program is set up to be held in person and/or online with interaction and weekly checkins.  LAUNCH is a pre-requisite for this program. 

The programs have been set up in modules so people can pick and choose their learning experience and it can be held in any location.

Launch Pilot Date: January 2015

Pilot: 22 students accepted.

We will run a pilot project from January to June 2015 to work on the curriculum and ensure we are ready for a full roll out.  We will also host the Future Leaders Bootcamp (ages 14 to 18) during Spring Break and through the summer.

The students will work on the ARK Project through the program, with prime focus in executing the project in June.  July and August we will work on refining the program, building relationships and training facilitators and be ready to launch the full program in September 2015.

We will run the pilot program out of AcceleratorYYC building in conjunction with the U of C and various organizations. 

Key Metrics

  • Personal stories of success
    • Startups
    • Working at other companies
    • Also celebrating or recognizing failures for learning and growth opportunities
  • # of applicants vs # of accepted applications
  • The Give Project
    • Amount of $ raised
    • Types of projects 
    • How many turn into real businesses / nonprofits
    • How many fail