Get your passport ready. New markets are waiting.

The Canadian Digital Media Network, through AcceleratorYYC, is now accepting applications for the Outbound Soft-Landing Program from qualified Canadian companies. The program provides small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) with a structured entry into a new market for up to three months.
Companies will gain the opportunity to connect with new partners, close international sales and gain key contact introductions. The cost associated with working at a partnered accelerator or co-working space is covered, as well as up to $4,000 in travel support.
To learn more about how to apply & deadlines, please contact us. 


Connecting investors with entrepreneurs.

AcceleratorYYC works with entrepreneurs and investors and mentors on a regular basis, by providing quality programming and partnering with a variety of organizations like the A100; we are able to match entrepreneurs with possible investors/mentors and vice versa.

As an entrepreneur, when you are a member with AcceleratorYYC,  you are linked to a large network of investors, angels, VCs and mentors who are all looking for good ideas to put their funds into or volunteer their time. You will find business angels who want to get involved in your business or high net worth individuals who are simply looking for a really good return on their investment.
As an investor, when you are a member with AcceleratorYYC, you’ll be able to view the business plans of a wide range of entrepreneurs, both start up and growing companies, who are looking for funds to help them and you, achieve business success. 
Getting a business off the ground is challenging. By being involved with AcceleratorYYC you will find a refreshingly helpful approach for entrepreneurs and investors to get the right support throughout the process.  

Angel / Mentor Matching

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