5 Common Startup Mistakes

We had Jacques Lapointe of AVAC discuss how to avoid "re-running" the same mistakes that commonly plague startups in Alberta for March's 1 hr Lunch & Learn (slides & audio below).

Participating in the Alberta start-up landscape over the last many years, AVAC has had the opportunity to see a broad range of progress and challenges faced by hundreds of Alberta companies from Fund Raising to Cash Management to Financial Planning to Navigating to an Exit (and more). With a portfolio of over 50 active companies AVAC has hands-on experience working with the Founders of early stage companies in the evolution from the Start-up stage to scaling and operating entities. Along this path there are a number of too common mistakes that companies seem to make over and over. Many of these “re-run movies” (mistakes) are totally avoidable with some awareness, good advice and planning. 

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