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They did it. Chris Cheng, Kyle Fitzgerald, and Adil Hooda of Holiday Rejects did it. They walked into the Dragons’ Den on CBC and struck a deal with 3 Dragons; Kevin O’Leary, David Chilton and Jim Treliving. Although the show aired Dec. 11, the deal closed back in October, just in time for them to start selling their Ugly Christmas Sweaters online and in 2 kiosks in Edmonton and Calgary. In just 6 short weeks they have sold over 4,000 sweaters and are estimating selling 7,000 by January. On average, the vintage sweater sells for $40 and brand new sweaters are $65. Do the math, they are doing very well for a seasonal business.The 3 Dragons have already been paid back their investment plus 33% return and counting.


Name your 5 best or secret tools / resources for success as an entrepreneur (could be
anything from books to resources to tips to workshops to hardware/software etc)

1. Sleep Time (iPhone app) – all entrepreneurs are probably used to not getting much sleep, so optimize what sleep you do get with this app.

2. Grasshopper - toll free phone number with extensions so your customers have a one stop shop to contact you

3. Square – useful to have this guy handy when your credit card machine inevitably goes down. Nothing more terrifying to have a huge rush and no way to process payments. Plugs right into your iPhone to read credit cards.

4. Dropbox - easiest way to collaborate all your files and make sure everyone is looking at the same thing

5. Reddit - r/entrepreneur is a great sub to get feedback, ideas, and see what others are doing.