This article also appeared on TechVibes, written by Hannah Cree.  Interview with Tom Bielecki of Calgary's Print To Peer, 3D Printing.


Name your 5 best or secret tools / resources for success as an entrepreneur (could be anything from books to resources to tips to workshops to hardware/software etc).

1. The book “The Lean Startup”. Everyone these days, working on a startup, needs to use that methodology for validating your product idea or building your product out. It gets rid of all the waste in software development. It’s about starting small and building what people want.

2. Boomerang for Gmail. It’s great for sending emails for whenever you need them to be sent and for getting reminders of when emails haven’t been replied to.

3. Rapportive for Gmail. It’s a tool that sits in Gmail and it tells you all the information about the person that you are emailing. So it gives you the Twitter links, Linkedin links, Facebook, Angel List. It gives you context of the people you are communicating with.

4. Hacker News – the website and the community. It is fantastic for being on the bleeding edge of technology that’s happening out there.  The discussions are actually one of the reasons why we went down the path of 3D printing.  You can actually find a community that is doing the exact same things as you.

5. Techstars actually has a video series that gives you a lot of information about how to build a startup and showing the all process of what happens when a startup actually goes through an accelerator program.  Since that is a path that a lot of tech startups go down, so it is very valuable to see how those things actually happen.